1. What products can you provide?
Glutathione (include L-Glutathione Reduced, L-Glutathione Oxidized, S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione); Yeast Extracts ( include L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts, Nature Yeast Extracts, Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts, Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts); Yeast Beta Glucan; Yeast (include Yeast powder, Selenium Enriched Yeast, Chromium Enriched Yeast, Zinc Enriched Yeast).
2. What is Glutathione?
Glutathione is an antioxidant formed from the amino acid cysteine, glutamate and glycine. Virtually all your cells have glutathione, this antioxidant is most highly concentrated in your liver, pancreas, spleen and eyes. Your glutathione levels dwindle as you age. Taking glutathione may offset the reduced glutathione levels caused by age. No known side effects are associated with glutathione.
3. What is the main function of Glutathione?
(1)Anti-oxidation: Glutathione is called "ultimate antioxidants", have a antioxidant effect, protect cells from oxidation damage, has an excellent effect in whitening and anti-aging . (2)Antidote and Liver care: It can combine with toxic compounds, heavy metal ions or carcinogenic substances to promote their excretion. It can be used for the detoxification treatment of acrylonitril, fluoride, carbon monoxid, heavy metals and other organic solvents.
4. What are the benefits of using Chromium Enriched Yeast?
(1)Weight loss: Chromium might amplify insulin action, some scientists have proposed that chromium supplementation could reduce the amount of glucose converted to fat and increase muscle mass. Some preliminary research also indicates that chromium supplements might reduce food intakes, hunger levels, and fat cravings. (2) Treating diabetes: Some studies suggest that chromium supplements may help people with diabetes control blood sugar levels. People with diabetes either do not produce enough insulin -- a hormone needed to change sugar, starches and other food into energy -- or cannot use the insulin that their bodies make. Chromium may lower blood sugar levels as well, improving glucose tolerance and reducing the amount of insulin needed. (3) Lowering cholesterol: Numerous studies show associations between poor chromium status and elevated blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, scientists hypothesize that chromium supplementation might improve blood lipid levels. Studies have examined this possibility in various populations, including people with impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, or Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
5. What is Yeast Beta Glucan?
Yeast Beta Glucan is a kind of polysaccharide, and it is found in the cell wall of yeast. It can enhance immunity, regulate blood fat, maintain the intestinal microflora, improve sub-health, and lower cholesterol. Also, it has the function of anti-radiation, anti- oxidation, anti-infection, anti-tumor, wrinkle-reducing, and moisturizing. Yeast Beta Glucan is widely used in food, beverage, dietary supplement and cosmetics.
6. Is there any discount?
Yes. The much quantity, the favourable price we can made.
7. What’s your MOQ?
Our minimum order quantity is 10 kg. But usually we accept less quantity of some special and expensive products,you can contact us for more information.
8. Do you have a custom services?
Yes, we have granulation service and it can improve the bulk density of powder to meet customers' requirements for capsule filling and tablet pressing.
9. Do you test your products?
Yes, of course. Every batch of our goods will be strictly tested before shipment, especially in the detection of microbial and heavy metal content, to ensure the best quality. Test data of all products will be recorded and samples will be kept.
10. Can I get samples?
Yes, the samples can be sent to you, but the basic products costs and freight will be charged. Specific actual communication shall prevail.
11. How do I make an order?
Simply contact our office by telephone +86-0572-2689331 or email info@cnsenyo.com. We will contact you with one of our sales who will be happy to assist you with your order.
12. How can I pay for my order?
We generally accept 100% T/T, special payment method according to the order communication.
13. When will my order ship?
Products in stock usually ship within 24-48 hours of your order being received and processed. If the product is not in stock, the delivery time is general about 3-7 working days after receiving your deposit. Specific actual communication shall prevail.
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