Regulate Insulin and Reduce Blood Lipid Chromium Enriched Yeast

【 Product summarize 】

Chromium enrich yeast is one of the sources of Chromium supplements regulated by the State Food and Drug Administration. The organic Chromium enrich yeast is obtained by microbial fermentation, and then purified from the yeast fermentation liquid by a modern process. Chromium enrich yeast is natural, safe, and highly bioavailable.

Health Care Reduce Cholesterol Chromium Enriched Yeast

【 Product summarize 】

In the process of cultivating Chromium Enriched Yeast, in order to increase the yield of biologically active substances, nitrogen source such as glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine may be added to supplement a certain amount of amino acids. Chromium Enriched Yeast can improve the absorption and utilization of chromium in the body. It reduces its toxic side effects, improves the biological effects of insulin, and better exerts in regulating blood sugar, lowering fat and cholesterol.

Food Chromium Enriched Yeast Easily Absorbed by Body

【 Product summarize 】

Chromium is one of the essential elements in the human body. The absorption and utilization rate of inorganic chromium by the human body is extremely low, less than 1%; but the utilization rate of organic chromium by the human body can reach to 10-25%. Chromium Enriched Yeast is based on edible S. cerevisiae, then add inorganic chromium, which converts inorganic chromium into organic chromium Finally, forms through the abundant enzyme system in living yeast cells.

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