Water Soluble Organic Selenium Supplement Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts

【 Product summarize 】

Selenium can inhibit tumors. It has the function of anti-aging, maintains the cardiovascular system, and prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It has the characteristics of natural, organic and soluble in water, easily absorbed, high bioavailability. It can be directly add to the liquid or paste environment. Natural organic selenium, higher absorption rates, safe, nontoxic, no side effects.

Absorbable Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts for Enhance Immunity

【Product summarize】

Adding Selenium in the process of yeast culture, Selenium was absorbed and utilized during yeast growth, so that Selenium could be organically combined with proteins and polysaccharides in yeast and transformed into biological Selenium. Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts was extracted from high content Selenium enriched yeast, it has the advantages of being natural, organic and soluble in water.

Organic Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts Regulated the Thyroid Hormone

【Product summarize】

Selenium can remove the accumulation of heavy metals in the body, has the ability to relieve heavy metal poisoning. It is a natural antidote to some heavy metal elements. Selenium Enriched Yeast has high physiological activity and bioavailability. The analysis shows that the selenium content of Selenium Enriched Yeast accounts for more than 95% of the total selenium, which is very suitable for human body absorption and utilization.

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