Health Food Nutritional Yeast Powder with Top Quality

【Product summarize】

The Nutritional Yeast powder adopts advanced biological culture process, using glucose and sugar cane molasses as the main raw materials, under the condition of liquid ventilation, a large amount of fresh yeast is obtained through deep culture, and yeast cells are separated from the fermented milk, then processed by washing, drying and other special processing.

Protein and Vitamins B Supplement Food Yeast Powder

【Product summarize】

Yeast is saccharomycetes, it contains abundant B vitamins and protein, it can improve digestion, restore physical, nutritional supplement, also contains abundant dietary fiber, which helps to relieve constipation. It is rich in nutrients and high protein product with high nutritional value.

Natural Organic Food Flavor Yeast Powder

【Product summarize】

Nutritional Yeast Powder is a single-cell minuteness life-form,which contains high quality protein and abundant of Vitamin B and other mineral. In addition, it also contains plentiful enemy systems and many kinds of high value physiologically active substances.

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