Regulate Insulin Food Grade Water Soluble Chromuim Enriched Yeast Extracts

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Chromium is one of the essential elements in the human body and plays a special role in the body's sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism. The biochemical action of chromium is mainly used as an enhancer of insulin, which affects the metabolism of sugar, protein, fat and nucleic acid through insulin. The Chromium Enrich Yeast Extract ( GTF ) is a complex of chromium and small molecule proteins ( peptides ) with better water-soluble.

Water Soluble Organic Selenium Supplement Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts

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Selenium can inhibit tumors. It has the function of anti-aging, maintains the cardiovascular system, and prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It has the characteristics of natural, organic and soluble in water, easily absorbed, high bioavailability. It can be directly add to the liquid or paste environment. Natural organic selenium, higher absorption rates, safe, nontoxic, no side effects.

Healthy Loss Weight Absorbable Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts

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Chromium not only reduces the deposition of cholesterol on the aorta, but also removes cholesterol deposited and regulates lipid metabolism. Chromium is a biologically active preparation of the human essential element. The Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts is easily absorbed by the human body. It has functions of regulating sugar, lipid and protein metabolism. It can be used for safe and efficient supplement.

Absorbable Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts for Enhance Immunity

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Adding Selenium in the process of yeast culture, Selenium was absorbed and utilized during yeast growth, so that Selenium could be organically combined with proteins and polysaccharides in yeast and transformed into biological Selenium. Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts was extracted from high content Selenium enriched yeast, it has the advantages of being natural, organic and soluble in water.

Reduce Blood Lipid and Sugar Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts

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Chromium is one of the essential trace element for the human body. The Chromium enriched yeast extract is the addition of Chromium element in the process of yeast culture, through the independent absorption and transformation of chromium by yeast in the production process, chromium can be more efficiently and safely absorbed and utilized by human body, and it has good water solubility. Its important active ingredient and active center is trivalent organic chromium, which has the functions of enhancing insulin activity, promoting glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism, and has obvious control effects on diabetes and obesity.

Organic Selenium Enriched Yeast Extracts Regulated the Thyroid Hormone

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Selenium can remove the accumulation of heavy metals in the body, has the ability to relieve heavy metal poisoning. It is a natural antidote to some heavy metal elements. Selenium Enriched Yeast has high physiological activity and bioavailability. The analysis shows that the selenium content of Selenium Enriched Yeast accounts for more than 95% of the total selenium, which is very suitable for human body absorption and utilization.

Food Grade Yeast Extracts Powder for Flavor

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The raw material of the yeast extracts is derived from edible yeast and is rich in soluble components in yeast cells such as amino acids, peptides and polypeptides. The production process is a mild bio-enzymatic process, which is a natural, safe and healthy food ingredient, not a food additive, can be eaten directly, and has no limitation on the scope of use and the amount of addition.

Fermentation Medium Safety Yeast Extracts Powder

【Product summarize】

The Yeast Extracts is a product using fresh yeast cells microbial fermentation as a main raw material, and enzymatically dissolving autolysis ( which can be separated and extracted ) under the action of yeast's own enzyme or added food-grade enzyme. Yeast extracts contains a variety of amino acids, peptides, taste nucleotides, B vitamins. Yeast extracts in liquid form can be dried to a light paste or a dry powder.

100% Natural Healthy High Protein Organic Yeast Extracts

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Yeast extract is obtained by breaking the yeast cells. It is a complex nutrient rich in protein, peptides, amino acids, microorganisms and trace elements and has a unique and delicious taste. It is a very high quality and healthy protein source.

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