Food Grade Yeast Extracts Powder for Flavor

【Product summarize】

The raw material of the yeast extracts is derived from edible yeast and is rich in soluble components in yeast cells such as amino acids, peptides and polypeptides. The production process is a mild bio-enzymatic process, which is a natural, safe and healthy food ingredient, not a food additive, can be eaten directly, and has no limitation on the scope of use and the amount of addition.

Fermentation Medium Safety Yeast Extracts Powder

【Product summarize】

The Yeast Extracts is a product using fresh yeast cells microbial fermentation as a main raw material, and enzymatically dissolving autolysis ( which can be separated and extracted ) under the action of yeast's own enzyme or added food-grade enzyme. Yeast extracts contains a variety of amino acids, peptides, taste nucleotides, B vitamins. Yeast extracts in liquid form can be dried to a light paste or a dry powder.

100% Natural Healthy High Protein Organic Yeast Extracts

【Product summarize】

Yeast extract is obtained by breaking the yeast cells. It is a complex nutrient rich in protein, peptides, amino acids, microorganisms and trace elements and has a unique and delicious taste. It is a very high quality and healthy protein source.

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