Enhance Immunity Absorbable High Biosafety Selenium Enriched Yeast

【 Product summarize 】

Selenium Enriched Yeast makes use of edible saccharomyces cerevisiae added inorganic selenium, via living yeast cells which rich enzymes convert inorganic selenium ion into organic selenium forms. The main existence form is iseleno-methionine selenium, seleno-l-cysteine and others.  Most of sulfur in the form of amino acids.

Health Food Higher Bioavailability Organic Selenium Enriched Yeast

【Product summarize】

Selenium Enriched Yeast, also known as Yeast Selenium or Selenium Yeast, which is the yellowish powder and has the characteristic odor of yeast. It can efficiently supplement the trace element Selenium required by the human body. It is the most efficient, safest and most balanced Selenium supplement preparation.

Absorbable Selenium Enriched Yeast can Regulated the Thyroid Hormone

【 Product summarize 】

Selenium enriched yeast is an organic Selenium source developed by yeast, which is produced by Selenium enrichment in the cellular protein structure of growing yeast. Compared with inorganic Selenium, Selenium enriched yeast is safer, more stable, more absorbent, effective and less polluting, and has many health functions.

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