Maintaining Normal Metabolism Food Grade Zinc Enriched Yeast

【 Product summarize 】

Organic Zinc in Zinc enrich yeast, 51% bound to the cell wall of yeast, 45% in short peptides, amino acids, and the rest distributed on mitochondria and microsomes. During yeast reproduction, most of the Zinc elements bind to the macromolecules of the cell wall to form a polysaccharide-protein-Zinc complex, which is more bioavailable than inorganic Zinc.

Promote Children's Physical and Intellectual Development Zinc Enriched Yeast

【Product summarize】

Zinc is one of the essential trace elements in the human body and is widely involved in various metabolic activities as a constituent of various enzymes. In the human body, zinc is the most widely distributed trace element and the most abundant trace element in the cell. Zinc Enriched Yeast is a compound that uses ionizable zinc added to edible Saccharomyces cerevisiae to convert zinc ions into an organic zinc form by yeast's own enzyme system.

Supplement Essential Trace Elements Organic Zinc Enriched Yeast

【 Product summarize 】

Zinc Enriched Yeast can be obtained by adding zinc in the process of cultivating yeast. During the growth of yeast, the absorption and transformation of zinc is organically combined with proteins and polysaccharides in yeast,eliminates the toxic side effects and gastrointestinal irritation of inorganic zinc. It enables zinc to be absorbed and utilized by the human body more efficiently and safely.

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