Regulate Insulin Food Grade Water Soluble Chromuim Enriched Yeast Extracts

【Product summarize】

Chromium is one of the essential elements in the human body and plays a special role in the body's sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism. The biochemical action of chromium is mainly used as an enhancer of insulin, which affects the metabolism of sugar, protein, fat and nucleic acid through insulin. The Chromium Enrich Yeast Extract ( GTF ) is a complex of chromium and small molecule proteins ( peptides ) with better water-soluble.

Healthy Loss Weight Absorbable Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts

【Product summarize】

Chromium not only reduces the deposition of cholesterol on the aorta, but also removes cholesterol deposited and regulates lipid metabolism. Chromium is a biologically active preparation of the human essential element. The Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts is easily absorbed by the human body. It has functions of regulating sugar, lipid and protein metabolism. It can be used for safe and efficient supplement.

Reduce Blood Lipid and Sugar Chromium Enriched Yeast Extracts

【Product summarize】

Chromium is one of the essential trace element for the human body. The Chromium enriched yeast extract is the addition of Chromium element in the process of yeast culture, through the independent absorption and transformation of chromium by yeast in the production process, chromium can be more efficiently and safely absorbed and utilized by human body, and it has good water solubility. Its important active ingredient and active center is trivalent organic chromium, which has the functions of enhancing insulin activity, promoting glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism, and has obvious control effects on diabetes and obesity.

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