• Anti-Radiation Enhance Immunity Yeast Beta Glucan
Anti-Radiation Enhance Immunity Yeast Beta Glucan

Brand: Senyo

Product origin: Zhejiang, China

Delivery time: 3-7 working days after receiving the deposit

Supply capacity: 10000 KG/month

Anti-Radiation Enhance Immunity Yeast Beta Glucan

【Product summarize】

Yeast Beta Glucan is a functional polysaccharide derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 1,3-D-glucan as the main chain and 1,6-D-glucan as the branch, about 10,000 glucose molecules are connected. It is widely distributed in various fungi and plants, such as Agaricus blazei, mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum and oats, which are the main functional substances for their health effects. Yeast Beta Glucan is used both as a dietary fiber and as a quality health food additive in the food industry.

Anti-Radiation Enhance Immunity Yeast Beta Glucan

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Application】(CAS: 9001-73-4)

Yeast Beta Glucan has a unique targeting function, which can remove the toxins from the body and increase the phagocytic capacity of macrophages by more than 10 times, so that the human immune system can reach the optimal balance quickly without any drug side effects and can improve blood lipids, anti-radiation, repair cells, improve intestinal function.

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Content specification】

Product Name

Anti-Radiation Enhance Immunity Yeast Beta Glucan

Product Code


Expiration Date:

Two Years




70%, 80%, 85%

Appearance Character

Yellowish to yellow brown powderCharacteristic odor, no odor, with the unique taste of the product, No visible impurity in normal vision

Protein, %




Residue On Ignition, %


Pb, mg/kg




Total Plate Count , cfu/g


Coli Group, MPN/g


Yeast & Mold , cfu/g


Packaging Details

 25 kg/drum

 Net weight: 25kg

 Gross weight: 28kg

 Drum size: H40cm*Dia40cm

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Delivery Time

 In 3-7 working days after payment

Shipment Method

 Under 45kg, takes 3-7 days, Door to Door

 More than 45kg, takes 3-7 days, Port to Port

 More than 500kg, takes 7-45 days, Port to Port

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